Look And Like/Marseilles 

Ready-to-wear clothes for men, in the city.

The flagship n° 2, after one “English” period, the brand freed itself from this style and its signs, and proclaims its “modernity”: tended lines, horizontal hollow joint; contrasted mixture, dark wood and white stone panel. The “marine”-style copper of the old rigging was replaced by stainless steel, polished, precise, urban, modern.

The windows fall to the floor. The directions forget the tight nylon strings as an amused challenge to the saturated catwalks in the multi-brand shops of old. To structurate the display space : household furniture coffee tables and pedestals that reveal and preserve their personalities under the clothes they help to promote.

The shirts, freed from their seals of rustling plastic, release their optimistic shades on linear shelves without light-consuming partitions. The general merchandising favours decomposition, abecedary deconstruction : here the hosiery, folded; there the sleeved garments, hanging; and there the bottoms, leaving a liberated and autonomous clientele to make up their own outline.